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The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago

Arcade Classics

So, you remember the days when every town had an arcade full of the latest electronic games, right? When kids spent hours perfecting their technique on Missile Command, Defender or Robotron? (When you WERE one of those kids?). Well, at Chicon 7 you can relive those days just one more time.

Patrick O'Malley and Glenn Thomas run Star Worlds Arcade ( in DeKalb, Illinois. It is one of the last classic style coin operated arcades left in the United States, and it has a unique history. Patrick actually opened Star Worlds Arcade way back in 1985, when he was still at high school - and he's kept it going ever since, maintaining original arcade classics. To be clear - these are NOT emulators, these are the actual arcade machines from the 1980s, refurbished to the original condition.

Star Worlds Arcade is widely known for having these increasingly rare, classic video games and pinball machines. They have been inducted into the Twin Galaxies International Registry of Historic Video Game Arcades, and featured in the documentary "Star Worlds: A Pocket Full of Tokens and I'm Heading to the Arcade."

Star Worlds will be bringing 15 refurbished arcade machines to the convention. These machines will be available on the concourse throughout the convention for members and members ONLY. Currently expected games are:

These are the games we currently expect to have, but the final list may change depending on what Star Worlds have available.

For more information on Star Worlds, take the tour of the actual arcade in DeKalb using the video below.