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The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago
Page Contents 1. Collecting Info
2. Cookies
3. Email
4. Sharing Information
5. More Questions

Privacy Statement

Collecting Info
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CHICON.ORG may collect personal identification information, such as a user's name, email or land mail addresses, or phone number in order to create, manage, or enhance our relationship with our convention members and web users. This is intended to facilitate your registration at the convention, participation in the convention program, nomination and voting for the Hugo Awards, voting in site selection, or related activities (masquerade, dealers room, childcare, etc.).

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A "cookie" is a string of text sent from a web server to a user's browser, generally to offer a customized web experience. Users on CHICON.ORG may see the following cookies in their browser: On October 30, 2011, no other cookies should be presented by this website. As we get closer to the convention, we hope to include more local and third-party interactive content. If we discover any content generating cookies with any adverse effects, CHICON.ORG will remove affected code or links as needed.

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Chicon 7 may contact convention members by email on an individual basis in relation to the member's dealings with Chicon 7. On rare occasions where it is necessary to inform convention members about an important change that is time-sensitive, it may be necessary to send a broadcast email announcement to members. Members who request publications in email will be sent those publications as attachments in email. In addition, opt-in mailing lists will be offered for discussions or announcements.

Sharing Information
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In accordance with the rules of the World Science Fiction Society and with the established practice of past Worldcons, Chicon 7 will provide the 2013 Worldcon with a list of members and their contact information to allow members of Chicon 7 to nominate entries for the 2013 Hugo Awards, and also to provide registration information about the 2013 Worldcon to Chicon 7 members.

More Questions
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Chicon 7 must retain records relating to member registration and financial transactions. Other than this obligation, at a user's request, CHICON.ORG will remove any information about the user from all online systems.

Member financial payment information, e.g. credit card numbers, does not come to CHICON.ORG through online payment systems (PayPal and Bank of America); such information is retained by the online payment service. Credit card information submitted offline (through land mail) is kept offline and is not shared with anyone or used for any purpose other than the membership or other transaction requested by the member.

Chicon 7/CHICON.ORG observes the laws of the United States and the State of Illinios, the constitution of the World Science Fiction Society, and the by-laws of the Chicago Worldcon Bid corporation. Within the practical limits and resources of a non-profit volunteer organization, Chicon 7 will observe international best practices for privacy as well as transparency in relation to information-storage and privacy policies.

Questions, complaints, and suggestions can be sent to Chicon 7 by email to , or by land mail to

P.O. Box 13
Skokie, IL   60076