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Young Adult (17-21)US$$100
The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago

Introduction to the Program

If you've been to a Worldcon before, you probably know what to expect from a Worldcon program. But if you haven't, you have a great time ahead of you.

Worldcon programs are large and diverse, and include lectures, debates and panel discussions. Typically there will be in excess of 500 distinct items in this core program over the 5 days, with up to a dozen tracks running in parallel at any moment time. The formal program ranges over topics from fiction and writing to politics and science, and participants have included Nobel Prize winners, astronauts, scientists, writers, editors, publishers, artists, film makers, and fans.

Program Participants

We have published our list of confirmed program participants. Over 600 participants are confirmed including writers, artists, publishers, scientists and fans from all corners of the science fiction world (as well as the real one!).

Program Schedule

Our full program is now available. Please note that although this is near-final, some changes are still happening. We have provided one web page for each day of the convention.

Our program grid is also available. This version is up to date as of August 23, 2012.

Program Areas and Highlights

Our program includes all of the following areas: follow the links (where available) for more detailed articles.

In addition look out for the following special events (you can find these under the "Events & Exhibits" menu).

We also have a unique collaboration with Dragon*Con which will be taking place on the same weekend in Atlanta. We will be presenting a series of joint panels with professionals from both locations interacting through a virtual meeting, both with live audiences in the rooms at their respective conventions. Chicon 7 members will also be able to watch a video of the Dragon*Con Parade, while Dragon*Con members will be able to watch a live broadcast of the Hugo Award Ceremony.

Participation Programming and Activities

Alongside our traditional programming, we are also delighted to offer some more interactive programming and activities. (Note that most of these activities are open while a few such as the Writers' Workshops require preparation or pre-registration).

Convention Trips

We have a number of special off-site trips planned, both before the convention (for those arriving early) and during Chicon 7. (Note: some of these items are subject to additional charges or pre-con sign-up).

For Younger Fans

Our support for younger fans comes in two parts. For childen up to 12, we will be providing professional childcare. For 6-12 year olds we also have a fan-run children's programming stream - ChiKidz.

Any Questions

Still have questions? For more information, please email the

at program-dh‍@chicon‍•org.