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The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago
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Hyatt Regency Chicago
Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ever since there have been science fiction conventions, fans have loved to dress up, either as their favorite characters, or in elegant costumes of their own design. It was a natural progression for conventions to institute prizes for the best costume, and that in turn has led to the tradition of the Masquerade.

These days the Masquerade is one of the prime attractions at a Worldcon, rivaled only by the Hugo Award Ceremony. It is essentially a catwalk show in which costumers of all levels and abilities show off their skills and win prizes. Worldcon members are welcome to participate, either by producing costumes of their own or by joining the audience to watch the show. The pictures on this page, all taken from past Worldcons, will give you some idea of what to expect.

By the way, don't worry that you have to be up to this sort of standard. When showing photos we obviously like to feature the very best, but there are several levels of competition so even if you are only a beginner (or a child) you stand a chance of winning a prize.

We encourage members of Chicon 7 to show their fellow fans their costumes on stage and, if they wish to do so, to compete for awards from our judges. No experience is needed; we'll show you the ropes and help you on and off stage. Experienced judges will review entries on stage and, optionally, the workmanship on costumes. Although registration is required to appear on stage, everyone is encouraged to be part of the audience.


Full information on how to take part in the Chicon 7 Masquerade can be found on the participation page. This includes information on the venue, how to register to take part, presentation constraints, rehearsals, skill divisions and judging.

Please read the information carefully. Although the Chicon 7 Masquerade rules are similar to the rules for other Worldcon masquerades, they are not identical to them.


Official Photography

The official Masquerade photographer, Richard Man, will photograph your costume before the show starts. This is not optional.

Fan Photography

Fan photography may take place from the audience during the show using available light (not flash). In addition there probably will be an on-stage "photo run" for fan photographers after the last entry's presentation while the judges are deliberating; if so, your participation is optional.

For the safety of those on stage, use of flash photography from the audience during the show is strictly prohibited. The Masquerade Director will stop the show and have the house lights turned on until those using flash have been ejected from the hall.

Further Information

For further information, send e-mail to

We look forward to seeing you at the Chicon 7 Masquerade.

Byron Connell
Masquerade Director

More About Costuming
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       If you would like to learn more about costuming, and perhaps pick up a few tips before starting on your own costume, you may find the following web sites useful:

To see more pictures from Worldcon Masquerades try the following links:

Photograph Credits

Top: "Gryphon, a Mythical Beast", James Steele, winner of a Workmanship Award for Featherwork and a Presentation award for Best in Class Novice.

Bottom: "The Iron Orchid", Alison Cook, winner of a Design Award for Best Design Detail, a Workmanship Award for Peacock Tails and Electronics and a Presentation Award for Most Beautiful Master.

Masquerade Staff
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The Chicon 7 Masquerade will be headed by Byron Connell as Director with the support of Karen Purcell as Deputy Director.

We are delighted to have The Wombat (jan howard finder) as Master of Ceremonies (MC) and Richard Man is our official photographer.

Our judges are as follows.

Presentation Judges and Judges' Clerk

Workmanship Judges and Judges' Clerk