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The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
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John Scalzi Story

A Story for Chicon 7

In February, Chicon's Toastmaster, John Scalzi, approached the Chicon 7 Chairman's staff at Capricon and said something along the lines of: "The members of Chicon 7 are so awesomely amazing that I really want to do something special for them. If I wrote a story specifically for Chicon 7 members, do you think anyone would read it?"

Well, John isn't really known for writing gripping science fiction, but he is our Toastmaster and we thought it would be nice to humor him, so we said yes. A little while later, John sent us a humorous short story with the intriguing, if unwieldy, title "Dave and Liz and Chicago Save the World."

We asked Alan White, who has been providing the covers for the Chicon 7 Progress Reports, to create a cover for this story, and we tossed in some photos so you can see the places in Chicago John's story describes. We are now pleased to offer you your very own copy of an original John Scalzi story.

Remember, this offer is for Chicon 7 members only. However, you can tell your friends that you were the first to read this story and that they, too, can read an original story by John Scalzi for the low, low cost of $215. And if they buy the story, we'll even throw in a free Chicon 7 membership!

Of course, John isn't the only person offering new fiction to our members. Author Guest of Honor Mike Resnick has provided the first half of a story as well, which can be downloaded from here. You're invited to finish writing his story for a chance to win excellent prizes and have your collaboration published in the Chicon 7 souvenir book.

Ready to collect your free bonus story? You'll need your Chicon 7 membership number and your 7-digit PIN code - the same one you use for the Hugos. (If you've forgotten your number or PIN, just write to us at and we'll send them to you shortly. And note that although your Hugo PIN is used to access this story, the story itself has nothing to do with the Hugo Award process.) Just click here to go to the login page and get started!