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Membership rate through the convention.
Young Adult (17-21)US$$100
The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago
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2. Policy
3. Change of Address

Transfers and Changes of Address

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To transfer a member from one person to another, please send an email to the
. This must contain the contact information (name, address, email) of the new member and the name, email address, and membership number for the person transferring the membership. This is to be sent by the person transferring the membership (not the receiving person or any third party).

We are now closed for emailed membership transfers and CoAs. If you have received a transfer, please being a printed letter or confirmation email from the seller with you when you come to at-con registration. CoAs should also be handled with at-con registration. (CoAs for supporting members can still be emailed but may not be dealt with until after the convention is over).

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Memberships are not refundable. We're obliged to consider that people buy memberships when they have decided to attend and have worked out the details of their travel. We use the number of memberships sold as a budget variable in planning programming and other facility capacity issues, hospitality, publications, and other factors, not to mention Hugo nomination and voting and site selection. We use membership income to cover our expenses based on our expected membership numbers; we can't un-spend it after the fact.

However, in consideration for people whose personal situations change, we do allow members to transfer their memberships to other people. A member may contact Registration with the name and address of whomever they are transferring a membership to. Registration will validate the transfer and track any voting status issues. (A member may not sell attendance and keep, say, voting rights or future publication receipts; a membership is a membership, all Registration will track is what has already been done.) People can sell memberships at whatever price they mutually agree on; Chicon 7 is not involved in these transactions. Typically we see people offering to buy and sell memberships in online venues; we expect to see membership transfer discussion on our Facebook page this spring and summer. From our perspective, changing the name of a membership doesn't affect our planning. With the 2012 Worldcon being in a great city that's easy to get to and that has a large and active local fan community, we expect to see strong demand for membership transfers this year.

Change of Address
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Please send changes of adddress to the
. This should be sent from the email address the member used during registration.

The Best of the Best
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