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Membership rate through the convention.
Young Adult (17-21)US$$100
The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago

Rates and Terms

The convention is now over. We have left this page online for historical reference only.

Individual memberships are available for Adults, Young Adults and Children. We also sell Family memberships which reduce the cost of attendance for families of two adults with two or more children or young adults.

The table below details the membership rates for purchase on the door at the convention.

The base Family rate at this time is US $560.

AttendingYoung Adult
(17-21 year)
(0-16 years)
New PurchaseUS $230US $100US $75 FREEUS $50
Upgrade from
US $180US $50 US $25FREEN/A

Day Admissions

We are pleased to offer Day Admissions for people who just want to attend part of the convention. Day Admission rates are shown below.

Day Admission rates depend on the day(s) that you want to attend. Rates are higher for the peak convention days (Friday through Sunday) reflecting the broader range of programming and events on offer on those days.

30 Aug
31 Aug
1 Sep
2 Sep
3 Sep
Adult US $50 US $70 US $70 US $70 US $40
Young Adult US $30 US $40 US $40 US $40 US $20
Child US $20 US $30 US $30 US $30 US $15

Note that there there is no cap on day members, so you don't need to worry about us selling out. (We do expect well over 5,000 members, but we have plenty of space to fit them all in).

Types of Membership

Attending: An Attending membership includes all publications, as well as voting and attending rights. If you voted in the 2012 Worldcon Site Selection election at AussieCon 4 and you were a Friend of the Chicago in 2012 Worldcon bid, then you are automatically an Attending member of Chicon 7 as a result of paying your voting fee.

Supporting: A Supporting Membership includes all of the rights and privileges of an attending membership except the right to attend Chicon 7. You can always upgrade your membership from Supporting to Attending by paying the difference between the "New Supporting" and "New Attending" membership rates in force at the time of conversion. If you voted in the 2012 Worldcon Site Selection election at AussieCon 4, you are automatically a Supporting member of Chicon 7 as a result of paying your voting fee.

Young Adult: A Young Adult (YA) Attending membership is identical to an Attending membership but it is only available to people aged 17 to 21 as of August 30, 2012. This class of membership carries the same rights as an Attending membership (see above) including voting rights and receiving all convention publications. Individuals in this age group can also be included in Family Memberships (see below). YA memberships can only be transferred to people who also meet the YA age criteria.

Children and Kids-in-Tow: Child memberships are available for all children aged 16 or under as of August 30, 2012 and will include some hours of free professional childcare for children aged 12 or under. (See our Childcare page for details.) Children aged 6 or under as of August 30, 2012 may alternatively be registered free of charge as Kids-in-Tow. Although there is no charge, we encourage you to register your Kids-in-Tow as it helps us to understand the number of young children who may be at the convention. Kid-in-Tow memberships do not include child care. Children and Kid-in-Tow memberships include admission to Chicon 7 under the supervision of an adult, but do not include publications or voting rights for the Hugo Awards or Worldcon Site Selection. Children and Kids-in-Tow may have Attending memberships (and thus have publications and voting rights) instead of Child or Kids-in-Tow memberships, but must still be supervised by an adult at all times.

Family Memberships: Family memberships can be purchased for 2 adults and 2 or more Children (aged 16 or under as of August 30, 2012) or Young Adults (see definition above). Children under 12 will receive the same number of hours of free childcare as a separate Child membership. The current price for a Family membership is US $540, less any applicable voting/supporter discounts. Young Adult family members, aged 17 to 21 as of August 30, 2012 may be included in a Family membership for the additional cost of US $25 for each young adult. Please contact

if you wish to purchase a family membership.

Day Admissions: A Day Admission entitles you to attend the convention on the specified day(s). You do not receive any WSFS rights (hence you will not be able to vote for the Hugo Awards or in Site Selection). You will be given a printed Convention Guide when you arrive at the convention, with the full schedule of events for Chicon 7. Day Admission does not entitle you to receive our other printed publications but you can of course read them online through this website.  

Installment Plan: Chicon 7's membership installment plan ends on June 30. For more information, click here.