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The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago
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2. Chicon 2000
3. Chicon V
4. Chicon IV
5. Chicon 3
7. Chicon 1

Chicon History

An Introduction

Chicon 7 is (not surprisingly!) the seventh Worldcon to be held in Chicago.

The very first was held as long ago as 1940 - just the second Worldcon ever, following the first Worldcon in New York in 1939 - and featured E. E. "Doc" Smith as Guest of Honor, with just over 100 members in attendance.

Since then, Chicago has hosted the Worldcon approximately once every 10 years, settling on the Hyatt Regency Hotel as a natural home.

On the rest of this page you'll find links to scans of the Souvenir Books and some other items from the previous Chicago Worldcons.

Number - Year Name Site Guest(s) Chairman Attend.
2 - Chicon I
1-2 Sep 1940
Hotel Chicagoan E. E. "Doc" Smith Mark Reinsberg 128
10 - TASFiC
30 Aug - 1 Sep 1952
Hotel Morrison Hugo Gernsback Julian C. May 870
20 - Chicon III
31 Aug-3 Sep 1962
Pick-Congress Hotel Theodore Sturgeon Earl Kemp 730 / 830
40 - Chicon IV
2-6 Sep 1982
Hyatt Regency Chicago A. Bertram Chandler (pro)
Frank Kelly Freas (pro)
Lee Hoffman (fan)
Ross Pavlac
Larry Propp
49 - Chicon V
29 Aug-2 Sep 1991
Hyatt Regency Chicago Hal Clement (pro)
Martin H. Greenberg (pro)
Richard Powers (pro)
Jon & Joni Stopa (fan)
Kathleen Meyer 5,661
58 - Chicon 2000
31 Aug-4 Sep 2000
Hyatt Regency Chicago
Fairmont Hotel
Ben Bova (author)
Bob Eggleton (artist)
Jim Baen (editor)
Bob & Anne Passovoy (fan)
Tom Veal 5,794 / 6,574
70 - Chicon 7
30 Aug-3 Sep 2012
Hyatt Regency Chicago Mike Resnick (author)
Peggy Rae Sapienza (fan)
Story Musgrave (astronaut)
Jane Frank (agent)
Rowena Morrill (artist)
Dave McCarty  

Chicago in 2012 Bid
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Chicago in 2012 bid website.


Chicon 2000
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Chicon 2000 website.

Chicon 2000 program book (52.1 MB, or 43.7 MB as a zip file).

6 in 60 fanzine on Chicago fannish history, published at Chicon 2000. (4.6 MB PDF)

Chicon V
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Chicon V program book (26.4 MB PDF).

Chicon IV
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Chicon IV program book (30.6 MB PDF).

Chicon 3
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Chicon 3 program book

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The "Tenth Annual (World) Science Fiction Convention"

TASFIC program book

Chicon 1
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Chicon 1 program book