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Membership rate through the convention.
Young Adult (17-21)US$$100
The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago



We are thrilled to have chosen KiddieCorp as the professional childcare provider to Chicon 7. KiddieCorp has worked regularly with Worldcon in recent years - including in LA, Denver, Montreal and Reno - and have an excellent understanding of our needs and interests.

KiddieCorp's service will be available to all children aged 12 or under as of the start of the convention. Child Memberships costing $75 are available for all children in this age group, and include 10 hours of free childcare. Additional hours are then chargeable at $10 per hour when pre-registered or $12 per hour when registered late or on-site. Children who are members through a Family Membership can also take advantage of the 10 hours of free childcare. Children under 6 can alternatively attend the convention as Kids-in-Tow without paying a membership fee, but will not receive any free childcare and will therefore need to pay the $10/$12 per hour charge for all childcare hours that they use.

Please note that your children must be registered with the convention (whether with Child/Family Memberships or as Kids-in-Tow) before they can be booked into the KiddieCorp service.

Also note that Chicon 7 has ChiKidz, children's programming that is not a child-minding service, so please check that out, too.

Hours of Service

The childcare service will be available during the following hours. We have included an evening service on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enable parents to attend the Masquerade and/or Hugo Award Ceremony. Please note however that children can only receive a maximum of 10 hours childcare on any single day.

 Thursday, August 30 1:00 p.m. - 6 p.m.
 Friday, August 31 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.   &   6 p.m. - Midnight 
 Saturday, September 1  9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.   &   6 p.m. - Midnight
 Sunday, September 2 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.   &   6 p.m. - Midnight
 Monday, September 3 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

How to Book

Childcare capacity is limited and we urge parents to book all childcare hours in advance where possible, so we can ensure adequate staffing and service. The advance registration deadline is August 2, 2012.  Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so please book in plenty of time.

Parents will be able to make bookings online or by postal mail. Details are on both our downloadable mail-in Registration Form and also on the online Registration Form at the KiddieCorp web site.

All booking and payment arrangements will be made directly between parents and KiddieCorp.

Cancellations must be made to KiddieCorp prior to August 2, 2012 for a full refund. Cancellations made after that date will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Once the program has begun, no refunds will be issued.

If you have any questions about the childcare service, please contact Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale, Childcare Liaison, at


Kiddiecorp Children's Activities

KiddieCorp will be offering a wide variety of activities tailored to the different age ranges from babies through to 12 year olds. The exact program will be designed for us, but may typically include:

Artist Alley ? beaded jewelry, fun paper bag hats, colorful collages, and more ? including the child?s very own hand puppet to take home.

Adrenaline Rush ? group games such as Simon Says, Relay Races, Duck-Duck-Goose and Red Light Green Light, plus playing in fun children?s tents or going through the obstacle course.

Peaceful Play Land ? relaxation in a quieter area, with books for all ages and story time throughout the day. There will also be tea sets and play food for the children who like to play grocery store or house.

Construction Zone ? an area dedicated to blocks and Lego, plus a Play Doh sculpting station.

Tiny Tikes for Infants and Toddlers ? the youngest children will be surrounded by tactile toys to stimulate fun and learning. There will be soft building blocks, stacking toys and activity centers, plus various ride-ons and toddler books and regular sing-a-longs with favorite nursery rhymes. To help the kids stay on their napping schedule we will do our best to have everyone settle down for a rest a couple times throughout each day.