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The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago
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Press and Media

Imagine getting together with a few friends to talk about something you all love -- science fiction and fantasy. You all read the books, see the movies, watch the stuff on TV, play the games - you've got a lot in common. And you invite a few of the people who create these works, too - the authors, artists, and others involved in the creation of the things we all appreciate. And when you all get in one place you count heads and find out there are six thousand of you. What do you call it? Worldcon, of course.

If you have questions about press at Chicon, please contact Chris Barkley at the

and he will return your message as soon as he can.

Press Releases

A full archive of Chicon 7 press releases can be found on our Press Releases page.

Press Registration

If you are interested in obtaining press credentials at Chicon 7, please read the guidelines below and then fill in the online Press Registration form.

Press Guidelines
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A Press Pass for Chicon 7 will be issued ONLY to members of the media and their immediate supporting staff (producers, photographers, sound personnel, etc).

Your press credentials must from an established source (photo ID with the source, etc.), one that can be verified.

Press credentials by organization for a freelance working on spec, such as Society of Professional Journalists, National Press Photographers Association, and the American Society of Media Photographers will be accepted.

A letter signed by an editor or the like, from a newspaper, magazine or other media organization, on letterhead is acceptable.

For Press credentials to be issued to bloggers, the blog you write must be reviewed by the Press Office staff at least four days prior to the opening of the convention and must be sufficiently on topic (or potentially so), and has been established at least 6 months. LiveJournal or Facebook blogs will not count towards professional credentials nor will amateur sites created for the express purpose of attending the convention.

Voting rights for the Hugo Awards and the John W. Campbell award for Best New Writer are not included with a press pass or press credentials. If any member of the media wishes to participate in our awards, they must purchase a Attending or Supporting Membership to do so.

Being a member of the media gives you special seating at the Masquerade and Hugos if and only if you sign up ahead of time, preferably indicated with your advanced registration form or when you sign in at the Press Room. Be forewarned that seating at these events may be limited.

We will try to have access to a interview room separate from the Press Room if you need to conduct one in a quiet place away from the crowd. If not, we will make the press room available on a limited basis for interviews. We will take requests for interviews with the Guests of Honor or other attending members of the convention. We cannot guarantee their availability at the convention, only relay your requests. It is strongly suggested that you contact anyone you want to interview in advance of the convention for such arrangements.

A final word: Please be respectful of fans, artists, editors and writers you encounter. As a journalist, you should be aware that SF fans have either received or been the targets of negative notices in the media in the past. Occasionally you may be rebuffed for interview requests or encounter some hostility yourself. We will try to mediate and resolve any disputes you may have during the convention.. Please contact our office immediately if this occurs.

Press Guidelines by Chris M. Barkley and Bart Kemper