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The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago
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Dealers Room

A Fan's Perspective, by John Donat, Chicon 7 Exhibits Division Head.

Ok! You've taken the plunge, and have purchased (or about to purchase) a Chicon 7 membership. Now what? One of the things that separates a Worldcon from smaller regional conventions is ... the Worldcon Dealers' Room!

Most conventions, from the smallest special interest conventions to the larger regional conventions, have some sort of Dealers' Room. What makes a Worldcon special is that the Dealers' Room has everything you might find at these conventions and more! The first time you walk into a Worldcon Dealers' Room can be a bit overwhelming. It's huge! The Dealers' Room will be the single largest space at Chicon 7. You'll find everything from book sellers carrying an extremely wide selection of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and other genres to very small private presses that are associated with science fiction and fantasy groups from around the country. A mix of rare book sellers, dealers offering some of the finest pulp and comics ... it boggles the mind.

Costumers ... Steampunk! Fantasy costumes of every genre under the sun. Clothiers selling everything from T-shirts to just about any fabric item you can embroider or add a silk screen to ... wearable art!

Jewelry, from traditional silver and stone jewelry to science fiction materials like niobium. Gorgeous stuff that has certainly lightened my wallet many times...

Music. Fandom has spawned its own style of music called "filk" - I'm not even going to try to explain it, just ask one of our dealers offering music. They'll be more than happy to enlighten you about the styles of filk music, and you will more than likely find something you like.

I'm sure there are other types of items I've neglected to mention, but I'll get a chance to see what's there, and what I've missed talking about here, when I go through the Dealers' Room for the first time on Thursday at the convention when it opens to members.

The Dealers' Room will be located in the Riverside Center on the lowest level of the East Tower of the Hyatt Regency.

Dealers Room Entry
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The Dealers Room is the Worldcon's shopping mall, selling everything that a science fiction fan dreams of: from books to jewelry, comics to clothing, models, reproduction weaponry, movies, music, and everything in between. Tables cost only $250 for the run of the convention; booths are $750. You may download the Dealers Room Application Form and send this in.

There are still a few tables available for the Chicon 7 Dealers Room. If you would like to apply, please fill out the application and send it and a deposit check of $100 per table (made out to Chicon 7) to:

Greg Ketter
DreamHaven Books
2301 E. 38th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Initial applicants are likely to get their requested tables unless what they sell is wildly inappropriate for our event. We will be sending out table confirmations with further instructions within the next few weeks.

Dealer Staff Memberships

All dealers and dealer staff (anyone who will be working or staffing a dealer's table or booth) must be registered members of Chicon 7. In recognition of the special relationship between dealers and the convention, Chicon 7 is offering a special registration rate of $175 per membership (full attending) subject to a limit of 3 memberships per dealer. These memberships are only transferable to the dealer's staff or other dealers and cannot be sold or transferred to other categories of attendees.

Dealer staff memberships must be purchased by postal mail using this application form. (Full terms and instructions can be found on the form).

Delivery Dock Driving Instructions

Hyatt Driving Directions contains a map and driving instructions to the Hyatt delivery dock. (.pdf file)

For more information, contact

Greg Ketter.

Confirmed Dealers
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The Dealers' Room is filling up steadily with well over half the tables and booths taken already. The current list of confirmed dealers (as of July 30, 2012) is as follows. We have included a key to the principal type(s) of merchandise each dealer will be selling.

20th Century Books (B)
Abrealist Writer
American Fantasy Press (B)
Angelwear Creations (J)
Angry Robot (B)
Apex Publications (B)
Apogee Books (B)
Arc Manor / Phoenix Pick (B)
Art by David Lee Pancake (A)
Art by Susan Van Camp (A)
Big Head Press (C)
Black Gate Magazine (B)
Blackwyrm Publishing (B)
Book Universe, Inc. (B)
Charles Justiz (B)
Chicago Review Press
Colleen Kobbe Studios (A)
Crystal Dreams (J)
Darlene P. Coltrain (J, T)
David R. Freeland Jr. Designs (J)
Dendrite Press (B)
Diana Harlan Stein (A)
Digital Masterpiece PBA / Morbid Monster (G)
Dodeka Records, Ltd. (G)
Dragons Unlimited (A)
Dreamhaven Books (B)
DVD World (G)
Earth Wisdom (T)
Edge SF&F Publishing (B)
Fantasy Art by Elaine C. Oldham (A)
Fine Books Company (B)
Fight On! Publication (B)
Flying Coyote (G)
Fo'Paws Productions (T)
Gilley's Comics (C)
Glen Cook Bookseller (B)
Goliad Technology
Haffner Press (B)
Hooked on Books (B)
Horizon Music, Inc. (G)
Idiorhythmic Designs
J. Paul Rinnan (B)
KEL-A Unique Art (J)
Kuriouser & Kuriouser (J)
Lady Heather's Fashions (T)
Larry Ivkovich (B)
Larry Smith Bookseller (B)
LJS&S Publishing (B)
Locus (B)
Mick's Books (B)
Midnight Books (B)
Mudcat Studios (A)
NESFA Press (B)
Nonstop Press (B)
OffWorld Designs (T)
Old Earth Books (B)
Philip Kaveny Bookseller (B)
Phillips & Underwood (B)
Press of the Sovereign
Saturday Morning
Scherer Glass (A)
Schlock Mercenary (C)
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) (G)
Sign of the Unicorn (J)
Sleepyside Books (B)
Sofawolf Press Inc (B)
SoftWear Toys & Tees (T)
Speculative Literature
Starfarer's Despatch (B)
SteamPunkFunk Bizarre (G)
Tachyon Publications (B)
The Book Scouts (B)
The Fine Books Company (B)
The Leather Lair (T)
The Merry Blacksmith Press (B)
The Odd Works (J)
The Painted Unicorn (T)
The Tarot Garden (G)
Tom and Mary Rubasky
Undiscovered Treasures (G)
Ursula's Alcove (T)
Wolfsisters Creations
Wolfsword Press (B)
Wondermark (G)
World of Traegonia (G)
Ygors Books (B)
Ziggy West (G)