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Membership rate through the convention.
Young Adult (17-21)US$$100
The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago

Anime and Cartoons

Chicon 7 will be presenting 3 streams of anime and cartoons.

Blast 1

64 Hours of Cartoons?!?!? Chicon 7 hosts an Animation Room that will be the talk of Worldcons to come. From pre-WWII US cartoons to the newest Japanese anime, we'll have a sampling of everything that makes animation and science fiction a partnership made for a Worldcon audience. Astro Boy to Dirty Pair and Voltron, Fleischer to Jones, and many more of the great cartoons that are both childish and adult. How many hours of cartoons and anime can you watch at Chicon7? We'll be handing out special tickets every hour on the hour to the people in the Animation Room. At the end of each day we'll do a drawing for some wonderful prizes donated to Chicon 7 by ACen and the US anime production houses FUNimation and Media Blasters.

Blast 2

Chicon 7 plays host to an Animation Room this year that will bring the best of US cartoons and Japanese anime to the members. Special thanks to Thomas Safer, who has a repository of thousands of hours of cartoons, some never seen outside of the vaults of Warner Brothers and Disney in decades. Tom will make short historical and informational presentations before each showing. His most interesting find are the cartoons of the WWII era.

Blast 3

Anime at Chicon 7 was prepared by the folks from ACen (aka: Anime Central), the largest anime convention in the central United States. Special arrangements were made by the ACen Video Programming staff to include special give-aways from the likes of Funimation and Media Blasters, that you can only get if you come to the Animation Room!

You can download the full schedule for all three animation streams here (PDF format).